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Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic Church

    Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

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    Godparent/Sponsor's Statement of Faith

    I recognize that as a sacramental sponsor for:

    I must keep God's commandments as Jesus teaches us through the Scriptures and the Church. I express my faith by loving God and my neighbor, by worshipping God in Private and with God's people by worshipping in my parish community on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, by regularly receiving Eucharist, by celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation and giving good example.




    Hereby state that I:

    Am a Baptized and Confirmed Catholic;

    Am a registered member of (name of Church);

    Participate actively in my parish by attendance at weekly Mass and Holy Days of Obligation;

    If married, have a marriage that is canonically valid and recognized by the Catholic Church;

    Regularly receive Eucharist;

    Actively support my parish, financially and with my gifts and talents;

    Am open to God's Word as taught in the Bible and by the Roman Catholic Church;

    Am a believer in Jesus trying to live as I believe and my Church teaches;

    And that the above statements are all true.



    Parish Verification: This is to certify that to the best of my knowledge

    Is a registered member of Church of ; a regular communicant at Sunday Mass; regularly receives the Sacraments; actively supports this parish, financially and otherwise; a Catholic canonically in good standing; and qualified to be a Godparent/ sponsor for the Sacrament of

    . Date

    Pastor/Delegate Affix parish seal below.